My Latest Scenes
I am in a land far, far away and I'm ready to take a nap, I am so, so tired. Oh and I think I just fell into a nice dream and I am completely naked, fingering myself, nice. Then from out of nowhere a finger appears and it starts penetrating my tight wet pussy hole. Oh and now his thumb is in my asshole too. Let me get on all fours so you can finger my asshole. Later on in my dream I get to suck a nice cock. The weird thing is, when I woke up I had cum all over my face! Was it a dream?
Hi all, I'm on vacation and I'm here in my hotel room all alone. I want to go to the beach but I'm very horny. I cant go onto the beach with a loaded weapon, hehehe so i need to do something about this right now. Hell, I'm already wearing something super sexy anyway, which ill take off for you. Plus one of my favorite toys to boot. First I'm going to suck on this sexy Cigar first, then watch what I do. I wish you were on vacation with me, lover.
Wow this pole is no joke. I have been dancing like crazy just look how sweaty I am. My body is so hot and wet. And that's why I'm wearing these knee pads too, dancing can be dangerous sometimes, plus it looks hot too. Stroke you cock baby while I dance for you. Watch how I play with my sexy wet panties too. Stick around and watch as I rotate up and down on this fat dildo cock and finger my asshole at the same time. You cant get this kind of entertainment at a strip club.
Check this hot outfit on, that's right lover, I'm a mummy. I have been wrapped for a very, very long time, waiting for you. Now your here and it's time for you to unwrap me, I can't wait any longer. Do you like what you see, I bet you do. If I were alive way back when I'm sure I would have been some sexy Egyptian princess, what do you think. Close your eyes lover, but not for too long and imagine yourself here with me in this soft bed, I want to wrap my body around you now. I hope you like my eye, check it out, pretty cool.
Ok, check this out. In my car I found a bunch of toys, so decided to go over to my Ex's house, set up his HD camera on the tripod and leave behind some nasty sex juices. I'm so bad maybe his new girl friend will find it and whip his ass. I know all about the camera and tripod thing cause we used to film each other. And how was I able to get into his house, I still have a set of keys. Anyway, watch as I get anal on the couch, shoving a rubber toy right in my ass while the magic wand does the rest. When she sits down on this couch she is going...